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As authorized dealers certified by Vulkan-Lokring, our company specializes in the sale of compressors accessories.

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Our company is certified by Vulkan-Lokring as authorized dealers for Refrigerator Repair Tools and Tool Kits.

We offer the best Refrigerator Compressor service tools, kits, connectors, and accessories

VULKAN Lokring Connectors kitWe provide the best solution for refrigerator repair. VULKAN, the inventor and developer of the patented LOKRING tube joint, has been creating new solutions for customer applications for over 40 years.

Not only does LOKRING’s hermetically sealed tube connections prevent refrigerant leaks that can cause environmental damage, but it also enhances the safety of utilizing eco-friendly but flammable refrigerants like HC and enables the use of CO2 (R744). By opting for LOKRING tube connections, you not only ensure environmental protection but also promote safety and the sealing integrity of the LOKRING connection. With the increasing emphasis on sustainable practices globally, it is important to invest in technologies like HVAC and LOKRING technology that help mitigate any negative impacts on the environment. LOKRING’s high quality tube connections, with a tube diameter range of 1.8 to 8 mm and a minimum tube wall thickness of 0.8 mm, offer an efficient and effective solution towards achieving this goal while ensuring safe operations with admissible refrigerants and a wide temperature range of -50°C up to 150°C (-58°F up to 302°F).

Vulkan Refrigerator Repair Tools and Tool Kits and connectors specifically designed for refrigerator compressors, which include braze-free tube connections suitable for both service and original equipment requirements.

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vulkan lokring 2023 connectors and tools and tool kitsSince 2000, we’ve been helping individuals repair household appliances. In 2023, we expanded our services to include selling the number one appliances connector replacement parts by Lockring, specifically their advanced tube connection technology, known as conventional tube connection methods, for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications. With its proven sealing integrity of the lokring connection and environmental testing, Lokring has a wide range of applications and materials of construction, including durable stainless steel, copper, and aluminium tubes. Introducing our new store in Corona, California, where we offer a variety of connectors and tools, including the ergonomic hand assembly tool with a patented lever mechanism, for easy refrigerator repairs using steel tubes, including hose and glue. Contact us if you need assistance finding the right part and accessories, including tube fittings, hose, and LOKPREP. We prioritize professionalism and customer satisfaction. We offer high-quality service and rewarding packages for new and returning customers, including the identical tube connectors for seamless repairs.

What are the benefits of using VULKAN Lokring Connectors in industrial applications?

VULKAN Lokring Connectors offer numerous benefits in industrial applications. They provide a leak-free and reliable connection, eliminate the need for welding or brazing, reduce installation time and costs, ensure system integrity, and can be easily installed even in tight spaces.

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